Monday, 8 February 2016

Fright Meter Awards 2015 - The Winners

Finally at last comes the very last post I will do about the Fright Meter Awards 2015 nominations. At the end of January the overall winners for each of the 13 categories were decided, for each of the winners I will include whether they were one I personally voted for or not just to try and make this a bit more interesting.

Best Horror Movie: It Follows 

I voted for this to win so was cool it did, It Follows really is such an original film.

Best Director: David Robert Mitchell (It Follows)

I actually voted for Ted Geoghegan (We Are Still Here) but don't mind at all David winning that one.

Best Actor in a Leading Role: Mark Duplass (Creep)

I voted for him to win and am very happy he did, he is superb in Creep, well deserved.

Best Actress in a Leading Role: Nadia Hilker (Spring)

Another one I voted for, both the lead actors in Spring were pretty great.

Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Leigh Whannell (Cooties)

Again the one I chose, his character is so weird but has all the best lines.

Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Deanna Dunagan (The Visit)

And again another one. There really was no other choice for this category as Dunagan was stunning and made a very average film more bearable to watch.

Best Screenplay: The Final Girls

I voted for What We Do In The Shadows, it's a shame it didn't win as personally I think The Final Girls is over rated and wastes a lot of the potential it had with the central plot.

Best Make Up: Bone Tomahawk

I voted for Crimson Peak, I don't feel Bone Tomahawk's make up was anything special but I guess I don't mind it winning.

Best Special Effects: Crimson Peak

Stung was my choice, I just did not think the special effects of the ghosts in Crimson Peak were even remotely good and so I couldn't in good faith give that a vote.

Best Score: It Follows

Glad this won, it was a great year for film soundtracks but this one fitted the tone of It Follows perfectly.

Best Editing: Unfriended

Once again one of mine, Unfriended could have been terrible but it works thanks in no small part to genius editing.

Best Cinematography: It Follows

I voted for Crimson Peak but do not mind at all that It Follows picked up yet another win.

Best Short Horror Film: Chomp

The Package was my choice, frankly I think Chomp was god awful, no idea why people seemed to like it so much, it's dull as dishwater and nowhere near as funny as it thinks it is.

So out of the 13 categories 7 of the ones I wanted to win did win, a landslide victory for It Follows. I can now finally shut up about the Fight Meter Awards until next December!

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Goosebumps (2015) - Horror Film Review

I have never actually read any of the Goosebumps books by R.L Stine, they came a bit too late for me, I had moved onto Point Horror that was aimed at teens rather than the child demographic his books aimed for (all heresay of my own making). I do recall watching some of the TV episodes of the show, always seemed a bit cheesy. Any fears that not knowing his work would impact on my enjoyment of this film seem to be ill founded though.

Zach (Dylan Minnette) and his mum have recently moved to a small American town, he soon befriends his next door neighbour; Hannah (Odeya Rush) whose domineering father (Jack Black) makes Zach fear for her safety. Eventually he and his geeky best friend Champ (Ryan Lee) break into the house to check on the girl but in doing so stumble across a strange collection of Goosebumps books. Opening one of the locked books the boys accidentally release a monster, it seems that each of the books has trapped within it a Goosebumps monster. They soon learn Hannah's father is in fact R.L Stine; the author of the books and that his imagination as a child was so strong that he summoned into the world the monsters he writes about. One of the escaped entities is a ventriloquist dummy named Slappy, this twisted creature soon releases all of the monsters in a bid to get revenge on Stine for locking him up for so many years...

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

You Are Not Alone (2014) - Horror Film Review

You Are Not Alone (directed by Derek Mungor) was released back in 2014 over in America but this month sees it's UK DVD release. It is a slasher film, but one with a difference, the whole movie is shown from the perspective of the main heroine, something that I personally have not seen before (of course I watched P.O.V last year but that's not a slasher).

Natalie (Krista Dzialoszynski) has returned to her home town to celebrate the fourth of July celebrations, she plans to meet up with friends and party. There is a curfew in effect though as a killer is on the loose, and soon the paths of these two people cross...

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Alien Trilogy (1996) - Horror Video Game Review (Playstation)

First off, this is going to be a slightly different review in that I never actually completed Alien Trilogy, or rather I did, but my route to the end saw me skip the last five levels leading up to the final boss. This was because I got stuck on a super hard level, but also that I felt I had seen everything the game had to offer. Alien Trilogy is a first person shooter that combines the first three films into a simple plot.

Rather than follow the story of the films this instead puts all three together. You play as Ellen Ripley who in this story is a marine, she is sent to a remote colony to investigate why it has gone silent. Arriving she discovers deadly Xenomorphs have killed everyone, it isn't long before all her squad are also killed. With Bishop providing driving duties Ellen goes on a mission to stop this alien threat. Starting off at the colony itself (Aliens), she then heads to the nearby prison (Alien 3), before finally investigating a crashed alien spaceship that seems to be the cause of the outbreak (Alien).

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Satan's Coming For You (2015) - Short Horror Film Review

Last December I mentioned upcoming short horror My Master Satan which is coming out sometime this spring, and in exciting news is going to be a full length anthology now. That film is actually a sequel to Satan's Coming For You which was released 2015 and so I felt a review of that was in order.

Satan's Coming For You shows a day in the life of two psychos; Bubba (Matt Marshall) and his friend Alister (Dakota Bailey who also wrote and directed this short). Starting off with a visit to a cemetery to dig up Bubba's deceased wife the duo then take some acid and during their trip see Satan and so decide to go out and kill in his name.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Spring (2014) - Horror Film Review

Phew, so Spring is the final film I needed to watch for the 2015 Fright Meter Awards (that I literally never shut up about), now that's done I can finally concentrate on stuff I have been sent for review! Spring is up for nomination in the Best Horror Film, Best Leading Actor, Best Leading Actress, Best Screenplay, Best EditingBest Cinematography, and Best Director categories, so quite a darn lot.

Lou Taylor Pucci stars as Evan; an American who decides to go on holiday to Italy after a series of bad events (including losing his job, and his mother dying of cancer). While there he befriends a local girl; Louise (Nadia Hilker) and begins a whirlwind romance. However the girl hides a dark secret that may just be too much to deal with...

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Stung (2015) - Horror Film Review

As is often my saying; another day another film up for nomination in the 2015 Fright Meter Awards. Stung is up for best special effects and is a creature feature film. I never like insects in films, they gross me out rather than make me fearful but here the insects are so large as to become un-gross.

Paul (Matt O'Leary) and Julia (Jessica Cook) are two caterers who have been hired to help out at the garden party of a rich lady at her remote countryside house. Things are going fine until later on in the evening when suddenly a swarm of giant wasps burst out a nest in the ground and start attacking the guests. The victims of the wasp stings immediately get turned into carriers of even larger wasps; ones that get to be as big as ponies, and rip out of the victims body. Soon Paul and Julia and a couple of other survivors (including Lance Henriksen as Mayor Caruthers) have barricaded themselves in the basement and must come up with a plan to escape the mutants.

Monday, 25 January 2016

The Voices (2014) - Horror Film Review

The Voices is a bizarre black comedy that mixes elements of Psycho with Dr. Doolittle. Ryan Reynolds who stars in it is up for nomination in the 2015 Fright Meter Awards and so was yet another film I had to see for that process.

Reynolds plays Jerry; a friendly loner who has suffered with severe mental health problems in the past. He sees a psychotherapist but unknown to her he has stopped taking his medication and so hears voices, mostly that of his evil cat Mr Whiskers (voiced by Reynolds), and his good natured dog Bosco (again Reynolds). After accidentally killing co-worker Fiona (Gemma Arterton) Jerry starts to question if he should give into his instincts and kill again, or if he should strive to be normal.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

We Are Still Here (2015) - Horror Film Review

We Are Still Here is a horror film that is up for a variety of nominations for the 2015 Fright Meter Awards (yup, I'm still banging on about that). It is a ghost story with a slight twist to it that takes place in the 1970's.

Anne (Barbara Crampton) and Paul Sacchetti (Andrew Sensenig) are a grieving couple who recently lost their teenage son in a car accident and have moved out to the countryside to start a new life. Anne starts to witness unexplainable events in her new home and comes to believe their son Bobby's spirit is with them, and so invites her psychic hippy friend and her husband Jacob (Larry Fessenden) to come check out the property. However it soon becomes clear that an evil presence resides in the house, one that wants to kill all who enter...

Friday, 22 January 2016

The Adventures of Shuggy (2011) - Horror Themed Video Game Review (X-Box Live Arcade)

The Adventures of Shuggy is not a horror game, one look at the cutesy graphics will be enough to tell you that. However it is indeed a horror themed game and the inclusion of zombies clinched the deal on me reviewing it. This is a mostly single screen puzzle platformer, to do each of the 100 levels you have to collect all of the green gems contained within them.

Shuggy is a vampire bat who inherits a spooky old mansion. Upon arriving at the house he discovers it is full of evil ghosts and creatures and so before he can move in proper he must travel around to all corners of the place to evict them.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Night Kaleidoscope - Horror Film News and Trailer

Night Kaleidoscope is award winning director Grant McPhee's third feature film and the first to be in the horror genre. The Scottish film was shot in just one week and mostly at night at that, which is fitting seeing as this is a film about vampires. The press release states 'Night Kaleidoscope transforms Edinburgh's cobbled backstreets into a dark dreamscape brimming with supernatural menace, where reality fuses with the surreal in a psychedelic haze.'

Written by Chris Purnell and Megan P.Gretchen Night Kaleidoscope is a story about a jaded psychic investigator named Fion (Patrick O'Brien) who is called upon by the police to help solve a series of brutal murders. He soon discovers that a vampiric couple are the ones responsible and with the help of a girlfriend of one of the victims he sets out to stop them...

Filmed on a micro budget and using punk sensibilities this indie film is said to be 'a truly original and unusually beautiful horror film'. The trailer (included below) is well edited together, reminded me more of a music video than a trailer but it didn't repel me. If the movie itself has this same strong use of editing and cinematography then Night Kaleidoscope could be one to look out for.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Headless (2015) - Horror Film Review

Headless has been designed to look like a lost exploitation film of the 1970's, it has low quality camera work which constantly rips and crackles while the special effects and acting quality is also of the type expected for a lost film. Keeping with the tone of the time it even begins with a trailer for a fake film; Wolf Baby. Headless itself started off as a fake movie within the film Found (2012)

Set in America during the 1970's a skull mask wearing serial killer (Shane Beasley) goes around kidnapping young woman to torture and then kill them by cutting off their heads. He then keeps the heads in order to perform necrophilic acts on them as well as eat the eyeballs. As he goes about his daily routine there are frequent flashbacks that show just how he came to be the way he is.

Monday, 18 January 2016

Septic Man (2013) - Horror Film Review

Septic Man comes from Tony Burgess; the writer behind the interesting zombie flick Pontypool (the star of that; Stephen McHattie appears here in a bit part). From the description I thought I would get something very entrenched in the B-Movie stable, I expected poor acting, bad effects and a load of literal toilet humour, instead I got something the polar opposite, but with so much going for it could the potential of Septic Man be flushed away?

An issue with contaminated water has gotten so disastrous in the city of Collingwood that the government have called for the evacuation of the town due to the amount of people dying and getting sick. Jason David Brown (Exit Humanity) stars as Jack; a highly skilled sewage worker who is hired by a shady man named Phil Prosser (Julian Richings) who claims to be part of a secret group who run the city from behind the scenes. All Jack has to do is stay behind when the city is evacuated and use his skills to fix the catastrophic problem. He soon finds the root cause of the contamination at the water processing plant but ends up trapped in a huge septic tank. As if this wasn't bad enough Jack finds himself at the mercy of two psychotic brothers, as well as the toxic water itself which is slowly mutating him into something else...